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About Jollywood Trees

About Jollywood Trees

Through the years, it has become quite a challenge to find a real tree in the Georgetown area that is in good shape and is healthy enough to last through the season. Being in a family that is particularly picky about what tree we choose to look at every day for two months, you can imagine how trying the process can be. The magic of walking into the living room early Christmas morning with the lights twinkling on the tree and the smell of fresh pine makes it well worth the hunt. Denise has wanted to bring real premium Christmas trees to the Georgetown area for many years, and now that we have the space for it, we are so excited to finally begin this new venture for her!

Denise and Morghan have happily taken the reigns for this project, for they live for the Christmas season all year long. For them, the Christmas season starts as soon as we are done stuffing ourselves with Thanksgiving dinner, and if we’re being honest, the Christmas music sometimes starts weeks before that.

Our family has our own Christmas tree traditions, such as making popcorn-string while we watch our favorite Christmas movies, our dad hanging the star, and fighting over whose homemade elementary ornaments get to go towards the BACK of the tree that year.

By starting Jollywood Tree Co, we hope we can help provide your families with new traditions for the years to come, and be apart of the magic your children feel when they stumble upon their very own twinkling Christmas Tree on Christmas Morning! We look forward to helping you pick the perfect tree for your family, as well as providing you with some cheery arts and crafts, and warm beverages! Merry Christmas!

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